Meetings Management

  • Admin can create meetings to discuss important topics related to society issues and concerns.
  • Email notifications are sent to the residents.
  • Ensures continuity and development of work.

Parking Management

  • Track vehicles to keep a check on unauthorized parking.
  • If the slot is lying empty and you may need to park just for a small time, yet ask for permission to avoid any miscommunication.

Document Management

  • Storing place for all vital documents and photos.
  • Documents are categorized into folders.
  • The resident can create a folder/album and upload documents/photos.
  • Documents and photos are accessible to all the residents of that society
  • It improves overall function of society and helps to organize all important data at one place

Amenities Management

  • Amenities of society can be allocated as per buildings in the society.

Bill Management

  • Unique feature to view & make bills as per cycle to members and vendors

Admin & User Management

  • Storing place for scanned agreements, important manuals, work in progress documents, receipts of various facilities in the society & Application also allows to create, manage or delete. Separate folder options are given viz for admin & members

Vendor Management

  • Vendor self-registration automates Vendor on boarding
  • Communicate in real time with vendors and suppliers

Staff Management

  • Managing your Staff is not easy. With SSMS get the ability to manage your Domestic Staff. From keeping track of their Attendance, to managing their contact and work details.

Visitors Management

  • When visitors arrive at the gate, the guard enters their details into the app and notifies the resident.
  • Residents receives a visitor notification. They can either approve or reject the visitors.
  • Guard receives the resident’s response and accordingly allows or denies entry to the visitor.

Group Communcation

  • Group Chat option is available to discuss society related topics.
  • You can communicate With your Society Manager & society members for the issue in your society.